St-guchi DH011 Door Bumper (Stainless steel)



SKU: 20638

Weight(grams): 200

Dimension: 9 cm (Length) x 3 cm (Width) x 16 cm (Height)

Product Details St-Guchi DH011 Door Bumper(stainless steel).
- Made of Stainless Steel SUS 304.
- Anti-Rust, longer durability.
- Stylish and elegant appearance.
- Easy to install.
- A rubber-tipped projection attached to a wall to protect it from the impact of an opening door.
- 100% Brand new and high quality.

Specifications :
Material : Stainless Steel SUS 304
Finish : Satin Nickel
Base Diameter: L 55 mm X H 60mm.

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